Emily Klaebe is a graphic and typeface designer specializing in identity systems, typography, and print design.

She is currently living in Portland, Oregon, and working out of Brooklyn, New York.

Relying on the principles of systems thinking, she designs typefaces and brand identities that are founded in thorough research and strategic thinking.

Since 2020, Emily has been designing typefaces and brand systems at Order. In 2021, her role grew to include leading design at Order Type Foundry.

In 2022, Emily completed San Francisco’s Type West postgraduate certificate program at the Letterform Archive in designing comprehensive type families.

Since earning her certificate degree, she has continued her involvement in education as an Adjunct Instructor in the Graphic Design Program at PSU, with a focus on the foundations of typeface design.

Chatham (Identity, Typeface)
Union (Identity, Typeface)
Teal (Identity)
Maxio (Identity)
Rebecca Atwood (Identity)
Undivided (Identity)
Speed & Scale (Book, Identity)
Every (Identity, Typeface)

Brand New Podcast, 2022
PRINT Magazine, 2021
It’s Nice That, 2021
PRINT Magazine, 2021
Brand New, 2021
Typewolf, 2021
Typewolf, 2021
The Brand Identity, 2020

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