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Big Blue is a bi-annual publication that explores the relationship between ocean life and mankind through all facets of its existence and impact.The first issue from the journal, The Family Cousteau, focuses on the Cousteau legacy. Jacques-Yves Cousteau was a French naval officer, explorer, filmmaker, and researcher who studied all forms of life within the sea, as well as aided its conservation.

Utilizing cool toned backgrounds with pops of saturated colors, the publication reflects both the scientific and humanistic nature that Cousteau embraced in his life. The combination of a soft, friendly serif and an angular sans-serif brings these two worlds of research and family together.

A diverse system of hand-drawn iconography divides the contents of the publication. These icons are inspired by nautical charting symbols, which play off their original usage by guiding the viewer through uncharted territory, in this case the publication and web design.